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CAHRI, MBA - Managing Director

Rachel’s journey in HR and as an “recruitment improvement” pioneer began over two and a half decades ago. After working in corporate UK, Australia and NZ, running large in-house HR and recruitment functions. She has held senior roles within HR teams and has worked across the globe and across many different industries giving her extensive knowledge of Human Resources, Recruitment best practice and the human condition.

She advises corporate Australia on how to best attract and recruit for key skill shortages in the 21st century by reviewing their processes, their people, and use of technology. Allowing HR departments to “shine” and deliver on strategic initiatives by obtaining true insights that allow for better business outcomes and improved return on investment for every HR dollar spent. Ultimately by thinking differently.

With a keen interest in Human Centred Design in HR she is “passionate about people” and improving both the Employee and Candidate experience. An evangelist for HR technology and improving the candidate experience via better hiring practices (she coined the phrase “Recruitment UX”). Her mottos are “Treat your candidates as your customers – because they are!” and “Automate the mundane – but add value on the human touch of your processes.”

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Case Studies

Some case studies where our services have made a difference.

Recruitment Audit

Client: Large Petrochemical Company
Challenge: To review all existing recruitment practices across three very different divisions, and make recommendations for improvement or RPO.
Approach: Identified an additional $5.2 million of “unseen” spend, highlighted 20 “suppliers” who were not on the official panel. Put forward 13 key recommendations for improvement, with potential cost savings of 56% on temp fees and on costs, a saving of $892K. Tighter cost controls, improved standards & increased cross divisional efficiencies.
Impact: Full Recruitment Audit Undertaken over a three week period.

RPO Vendor Selection

Client: National Retail Chain of Stores
Challenge: To help create a centralised recruitment team, to provide centralised, national support for local store managers by helping select a new Master Vendor for all retail recruitment.
Approach: Acted as neutral independent consultant, working as part of Project Team with HR & Lines Managers to draft tender document, vet tenders submitted, attend vendor site visits, question viability of models proposed & check capabilities of vendors.
Impact: Lead to thorough, prompt, successful selection of new Vendor.

Employee Turnover Challenge

Client: Multinational Health & Pest Control Company
Challenge: Extremely high turnover of staff, particularly in the sales force. Wished to know why and what could be done to change such a trend. Most people leaving in the first three months.
Approach: Recruitment Audit Undertaken over a four week period, including analysis of hiring practices, salary packages and targets, staff focus groups and exit interview data.
Impact: Reduced Turnover, improved selection practices and advertising standards nationally. Reviewed salary packages and proposed new “warm welcome” induction process.

RPO or Internal Options

Client: Top 100 Australian Company
Challenge: To cost out all RPO options, include do nothing, full RPO or in-house specialist team scenarios.
Approach: Working with HR, Finance and Procurement to pull together matrix of options, costs, benefits and risks.
Impact: Provided Leadership team with business case, clear options, costs, savings and business impacts plus scoped the risks of each option affecting an $11.2 million budget.

Project Management – RPO Implementation

Client: Large Petrochemical Company
Challenge: To assist implement of new RPO model and Vendor. Act as project Manager working with both client and supplier to ensure smooth integration of systems & personnel.
Approach: Assist with Initial Vendor Selection & Tender process, justification business case, provided project framework and project management skills for implementation & to embed new processes & partner.
Impact: Ongoing

Recruitment Vendor Selection

Client: Large National Resources Company
Challenge: To reduce 52 recruitment suppliers down to a panel of 9.
Approach: Act as neutral independent consultant, working with HR and Procurement on tender document creation, tender review, supplier review, rate negotiation, contract negotiation on a win:win basis with vendors.
Impact: Reduced average rates from 22% to 17% agency fees and produced annual cost savings realised of approximately $268K cost savings (a 22.8% reduction in costs).

Process Improvement

Client: Multi National Insurance Giant
Challenge: Moving from a decentralised recruitment model (owned by each state GM) to a National, Best Practice, EEO compliant model, providing value adds and support for hiring managers.
Approach: Developed an online tool kit for hiring Managers; including Interview packs, interview question bank, Competency Framework, policy and procedures and best practice guidelines. Provided HR & Line Managers with Interview Skills Training.
Impact: Improved internal efficiencies on time and cost to hire. Enhanced internal skill base. Provided one central point of recruitment tools, resources and advice for line managers.

Our Clients

Clients are delighted with the impact on their businesses after working with Hill Consulting. Whether it be recruitment campaigns, major HR change/organisational development projects, recruitment audits or recruitment process re-engineering, Rachel has either worked for, or consulted to, the following organisations:

Candidate Care

A key consideration for us is always candidate care. Our campaigns are often high touch, and we receive fantastic feedback on the process, the tools and our ability to support candidates through each stage of the process. Each campaign offers a dedicated inbox for that vacancy with 24-hour turn around guaranteed response rate to candidate queries or issues. We also provide extra support services for those that may need a little additional support, such as diverse or minority groups within our communities.

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