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Helping you review and improve your HR processes and technology.

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We offer a range of world class services that can help transform your internal Recruitment / TA Function. 
We help organisations improve their time to hire, cost per hire, quality of hire and candidate experience via process efficiency and automation.
Speak with us before any RPO or ATS purchasing decisions are made.
Speak with us before any purchasing decisions are made.
Our Consultants are Neutral, Independent Advisors

TA / Recruitment Audits

& Process Reviews

Hill Consulting HRS draws on more than 25 years’ experience and a proven Recruitment audit methodology that will help you transform recruitment function improve efficiency.

Using Lean methodology and Design Thinking tools (it’s all about the people, right?) We focus on four key areas: People, Process, Place and Possibilities.

Following the recruitment review and diagnostics (Audits) we present our analysis, findings, recommend TA model, FTW and recommendations.

This presents the business case for change for the HRD or Executive team.

TA Strategy

& Change Management

With a business case for change established, a TA model, new FTE recommendations and a strategy that will deliver the new functionality and capabilities, within budget, that is needed.

We create an action plan and roadmap for change. We tailor this to assist your organisation transform, and provide capability uplift in the process.

We also assist with the change management and implementation of new teams and technology. At every step we are there to help through to implementation.

HR Technology

& Automation

Confused? Finding the right HR Tech that fits your change requirements and business strategies takes an impartial voice.

The wrong decision can leave you worse off than when you started.

Hill Consulting HRS has the independence and expertise in HR technology to match the right solution to your needs.

We can assist HR, Finance and Procurement teams with site/organisation audits, procurement guides, the RFP process and the shortlisting of HR Tech vendors.
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